Youtube Youtube is big platform to uploading and sharing videos. Youtube is a free United State of America (USAO video sharing website. On youtube We can createOur own channel, upload and share video with another people of the world. typically created in 2005, its headquartered is in San Bruno, California city of USA. Now a days youtube is a most popular website of the world, daily visitors watching around 6 million of video each month.
Youtube is an big platform to earn money by uploading videos, we need only skill, ideas about. There is no investment need to create youtube channel. It’s totally free, Create a youtube channel , upload video’s and start online earning.

When we have reach 10,000 subscribers than we have expect 100$ to 300$ of sponsorship and we can expect 100$ from the youtube Ads, but its depends on the number of videos view, length and currency of the country. It is very difficult and hard work for us to reach first 10,000 subscribers and to get first 100$ from youtube.
When someone watch our video up to 30 seconds and click on ad so, advertisers pay us. If our videos have 10 million views but nobody watch and click the ad, so we don’t make any money. We can make 1$ per 25 views. So, it is important that we upload meaning full and informatics videos on our you tube channel and maximum viewers watch our videos and make money for us.

To create a you tube channels, We need to Create our Google email account first by, than open and click on the SIGN IN, click on SETTINGs, click on NEW CHANNEL, than type Channel Name, click on CREATE. After creating a youtube channel, we will upload our videos on youtube channel one by one. To monetize videos on SIGN IN to YouTube. In the top right, select our ACCOUNT ICON , click on CREATOR STUDIO. In the left menu, select CHANNEL , click STATUS ANS FEATURES. Click "Monetization," click ENABLE. Follow the on-screen steps to accept the YouTube Partner Program Terms must. It is important to read terms and condition policy programs of youtube.

If Our channel has been approved to join the YouTube Partner Program, We need to associate an approved AdSense account with our YouTube channel to earn money from our videos and get paid. Before We start: We can only have one AdSense account under the same payee name per AdSense's Terms and Conditions.

To Associate a youtube channel with Google Adsence goto Monetization option on youtube channel in Creator Studio, Click on Monetization, Click on Associated Adsence Account, Selct your Adsence Account, Click on Save.

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