Every person of country of the world want to earn online but they don't know how to earn online. Some people try to learn by social media or websites but they can not learn properly. Daily-posts.com provide all possiable methods through which you can earn online properly. This website privides learning metarial of Online earning.

Earn By Amazone (Affiliate Marketing) !

Amazon is an American electronic, commerce company (Online Store) founded by the Jeff Bezos in 5 July, 1194. Amazon.com is a largest

online retailer in the world sale online different categories items like electronic, home, garden, baby kid, man & woman, music, support, entertainment, office, school, pets, book, software’s, dvd and other life use items. Amazon also provide affiliate marketing program worldwide. [Read More . . .

Earn By Online Article Writing!

Article writing is a best online earning parts time and full time job. If you are expert in English reading and writing so you can earn by Online Article writing. You may publish your article by your own website

through which you can earn or also can write for online websites. Typically We need a computer with internet connection, writing skill with grammatical knowledge, Basic rules of article writing, creative idea about article. [Read More . . .

Earn By Affiliate Marketing !

Affiliate marketing also known as Online Marketing which arrange by the online retailers pay commission on sold item sale by the any website. In the world a large scale on online retailer are working to explode their business worldwide. Through any affiliate marketing program we

can gain commission on any sold item. For affiliate marketing we need only a website with large amount of traffic. We no need any Adsence account for affiliate marketing. We will simply registered on any affiliate marketing program by “User Name” , “Password” and “email” account. After affiliate marketing account approval we will able to apply online marketing advertisement Ad on our website. When someone will buy any think through our website, so we will gain commission pay by the online marketer. There are many affiliate marketing (online stores) in the world, Top 10 affiliate marketing programs as followings. [Read More . . .

Earn By Google Adsence !

Google Adsence program run by the Google.com that allow the world wide publishers on Google network of the site contents to serve automatically text, videos, images, presentations or advertisements that targeted by the site and audience. All the publishers advertisements maintained, stored and administrated by the Google. These advertisements generate the revenue on per click and Google test a cost per action method.

Google discontinued double click offer in October 2008. In 2014 Google earned US 3.5 Billion Dollars, 22% of total revenue by the Google Adsence. Google Adsence is a best Ad choice program through which world well-known publishers published Ads. Over than 13.4 million website use Google Adsence. [Read More . . .

Earn By Youtube !

Youtube Youtube is big platform to uploading and sharing videos. Youtube is a free United State of America (USAO video sharing website. On youtube We can createOur own channel, upload and share video with another people of the world. www.youtube.com typically created in 2005, its headquartered is in San Bruno, California city of USA. Now a days youtube is a most popular website of the world, daily visitors watching around 6 million of video each month.

Youtube is an big platform to earn money by uploading videos, we need only skill, ideas about. There is no investment need to create youtube channel. It’s totally free, Create a youtube channel , upload video’s and start online earning. [Read More . . .

Earn By Creating Website !

WordPress is an online open source website creation program application tool based on PHP and MySQL to create a website, developed by the WordPress Foundation . Its first version resealed on 27 May, 2003. WordPress is a best tool to develop a website and mostly preferred by the business websites. Typically we create a website in HTML, CSS and PHP programming. WordPress is a tool to create or design a website. In this site I teach you to create a professional website. [Read More . . .

Create a WordPress Website

Earn By Designing Website !

Web Page Maker is an easy-to-use web page design tool that allows you to create and upload a professional web page in minutes without having to know HTML. It offers several pre-designed templates, so you can create a new web page from them. Before creating a website it is important to chose a best idea about website. Some of learning website on internet waist the student’s time and don not provide complete idea about creating or designing a website. Only provide some guides. In this article I provide complete Web Designing idea with Hosting. [Read More . . .

Design a Web Page Maker Website

Earning by Online Teaching !

If you are expert and have a skill and experience in the well-known field like IT or any other and you have skill of teaching, so you can earn online by online teaching. Here are some well-known website by you can earn online.
IT Certification Category (English)728x90
To teach online, first your chose a site by witch you want to start online teaching, create your account with your particular. Your will create videos for your course with you like to teach online, upload you video online on your account. You can charge fee as you like. People bye and watch you course and your start online earning by online teaching. [Read More . . .

Earning by Freelancing !

A freelance is an self employee person. If you have skill of web designing, graphics designing, programming so can earn through freelancer. There is some best website of freelance in the world:
99 designs
As a freelance first you registered on any freelancer website, tell about your skills and submit registration form with your email. A freelance website offer you some of your skill base project by your email through you can start online earning as a freelancer. [Read More . . .

Earn by Blogging !

To earn by blogging , first you need a website, domain. First you buy a domain, upload a website, write a blog article about education, IT or any other topic or issue to provide information’s to the viewer. A Google Adsence account is needed to earn from blogging. [Read More . . .