Google Adsence !

Google Adsence program run by the that allow the world wide publishers on Google network of the site contents to serve automatically text, videos, images, presentations or advertisements that targeted by the site and audience. All the publishers advertisements maintained, stored and administrated by the Google. These advertisements generate the revenue on per click and Google test a cost per action method. Google discontinued double click offer in October 2008. In 2014 Google earned US 3.5 Billion Dollars, 22% of total revenue by the Google Adsence. Google Adsence is a best Ad choice program through which world well-known publishers published Ads. Over than 13.4 million website use Google Adsence..

Paul Buchheit is the founder of Gmail and provides an idea to run advertisement’s ads with the Google email services. Google launched the Google Adsence Program in March 2003 to targeting the advertisement. Name of Google Adesnce “Adsence” typically used by “Applied Semantic” . Google Adsence named was adopted by the Google when Google acquire the “Applied Semantic” in 2003. A Google Adsence account is needed to earn from Google Adsence. Google Adsence Publishers Ads, Adsence published by a website.

Create a WordPress Website

If we want earn with Google Adsence it is necessary we Create a profession website with unique and useful, meaning ful ideas, than decide a unique user friendly domain name , than chose a best hosting for uploading website. So we will able to apply our website for Google Adsence account. It is important our website may have good ideas through which viewer gain information’s, ideas, education etc.

To earn from Google Adsence create a professional website, write blogs or articles, create a channel on youtube and upload videos. Youtube videos click payment also paid by Google Adsence. To create a professional website typically we use HTML, CSS, Java Scripts and PHP language, but now a days some of computer web designing application support and provide full facility of web designing through which you can create a professional website. For example Adobe Dreamweaver, Front Page, Joomla, Web Page Maker, Word Press are software’s use to design a website. A website a is an basic way to earn from Adsence, it is important that your website have a good idea. Your website provides best information’s to users through articles or blogs. You can also create a website a topic, history, education, politic, police, army, country, entertainment etc.

Before creating a Google Adsence account, first we will create an Gmail account and read the Google Adsence program policy teams and conditions and youtube public policy teams and conditions of creating a Adsence account.
To Create a Google Adsence Account, We will type on internet browser.We will SIGN IN to AdSense account, after following the steps. Enter the email address and password for our Adesnce Account. After creating a Adsence Account we apply for Google Adsence code and than we copy Google Adesnce code on our website after tage. Google Adsence start process to check our website contents, after approvel of Google Adsence Account, we apply Google Adsence Code on each webpage of our website, so Google Adsence will be show publisher ads on our website. After the earning of 10$ Google Adsence will be posts Google Adsence code on our address mentioned in Google Account Creating Form. We will apply Google Adsence code by our Adsence Account Verification Option. We will draw money earned by Google Adsence if we have earned 100$ minimum.

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