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It is truth and dream of every person of the world that He / She earn online and earn lot of money in a day and there is no matter where he / she live in the world. Although there are many different easy ways to earn online at the Home place. The internet provide some of popular website to earn online by skill, by teaching, by selling product, articles etc. To earn online you have need a computer and an internet connection. The mostly population of Pakistan don’t know about the legal ways of online earning. They waste their time in illegal and fraud advertisements. This website explains legal ways of online earning through which you can adopt a legal way of online earning for you.


To earn by blogging , first you need a website, domain. First you buy a domain, upload a website, write a blog article about education, IT or any other topic or issue to provide information’s to the viewer. A Google Adsence account is needed to earn from blogging.


A freelance is an self employee person. If you have skill of web designing, graphics designing, programming so can earn through freelancer. There is some best website of freelance in the world:
99 designs
As a freelance first you registered on any freelancer website, tell about your skills and submit registration form with your email. A freelance website offer you some of your skill base project by your email through you can start online earning as a freelancer.


It is a great idea and best way of earning through you can sale your skill and you no need of any investment. Selling your services is not a time consuming job but recover some of your expenses. If you understand this kind of job is very simple and easily that you write programming assignments, Theses, Notes for students etc. Some of internet websites also provide this kind of job and you can also do this in your residence location or in your city. If you do this by internet in another country you need a speed computer and internet connection to perform this job.


If you are expert and have a skill and experience in the well-known field like IT or any other and you have skill of teaching, so you can earn online by online teaching. Here are some well-known website by you can earn online..
To teach online, first your chose a site by witch you want to start online teaching, create your account with your particular. Your will create videos for your course with you like to teach online, upload you video online on your account. You can charge fee as you like. People bye and watch you course and your start online earning by online teaching.

While staying in Pakistan, anyone can work by taking surveys as a Pakistani easily & effectively. You can Google lots of sites for this aim in which you will get the opportunity to complete the survey and be paid. You must be eligible for the survey jobs for which you have to update your profile on a regular basis and provide true opinions while working.


Affiliate marketing is one of the profitable jobs while working in Pakistan. Affiliate marketing not difficult job, some of internet website provide affiliate marketing, through which you can sale products of online store, online shopping mall. Affiliate marketing pays you some commission from sold products.


Youtube is big platform to uploading and sharing videos. Youtube is a free United Stated of America video sharing website. On youtube you can create your own channel, upload and share video with another people of the world. www.youtube.com typically created in 2005, its headquartered is in San Bruno, California city of USA. Now a days youtube is a most popular website of the world, daily visitors watching around 6 million of video each month.
Youtube is an big platform to earn money by uploading videos, you need only skill, ideas about. There is no investment need to create youtube channel. It’s totally free, Create a youtube channel , upload video’s and start online earning.


If you are able to perform this type of Job so, you are a successful earner, you can do this job by making games, software, mobile ring tones, e-books, learning tutorials and many other items. One it’s established, this kind of business make more money life time. You can also loads on internet for selling.