Affiliate Marketing ! !

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Affiliate marketing also known as Online Marketing which arrange by the online retailers pay commission on sold item sale by the any website. In the world a large scale on online retailer are working to explode their business worldwide. Through any affiliate marketing program we can gain commission on any sold item. For affiliate marketing we need only a website with large amount of traffic. We no need any Adsence account for affiliate marketing. We will simply registered on any affiliate marketing program by “User Name” , “Password” and “email” account. After affiliate marketing account approval we will able to apply online marketing advertisement Ad on our website. When someone will buy any think through our website, so we will gain commission pay by the online marketer. There are many affiliate marketing (online stores) in the world, Top 10 affiliate marketing programs as followings. 1 . . . RAKUTEN LINKSHARE





6 . . . EBAY


8 . . . AVANGATE



If we need to registered as an affiliate marketer, fist we need to create an “email account”. We will develop and launch website because we will apply online store advertisement ads on our website and the pay us commission on sold products. Commission is generally the percentage of sale that is paid by the affiliate marketing program for referring a customer. The commission rage is different. IT Certification Category (English)728x90 Now we will registered on “RAKUTEN LINKSHARE” also known as “” as an affiliate marketer, we will apply one or more ads on website and able to gain commission when someone buy any product through our website reference.

So, very simple way to registered browse “” . Click on “Publisher Sign Up” at top right corner of website. Fill the Registration Form completely and Click on “Sign me Up”. Now we have registered on, Now at “Home” page of “” we will click on “New Advertiser” so a list of Advertiser will be display, now we will click on “Apply” option of an advertiser which ads we need to publish on our website. So Advertiser will send us Approval by our email, after approval we will apply link code on a banner which we want to apply on website.

After the approvel of an advertiser. We will click on "My Advertise" so our approved advetiser list will be show.

Now, wel will select "View Link" option of a advertise, which banner link we need to publish or link on our website. Now we will copy Banner code and will be paste to a location on website where we want to dispaly.

Like this Banner of Microsoft Corporation.


Account creation and banner link code copy/ paste are same for all Online Store programs. Fel Free to contact me if you have any question.